Chairman’s Message

It’s a stage of historical mission to accomplish. Since inception, AVIC Forestry has undertaken the task of advancing the sustainable development of forest resources in Tomsk State of Russia under the framework of Sino-Russian General Planning of Cooperative Exploitation and Joint Utilization of Forest Resources approved by the Chinese and Russian Governments.In the meantime, AVIC Forestry also is charged with the key national task of promoting the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperative zone. Honored are we with this glorious mission of far-reaching significance and heavy responsibility.

It’s a stage of international vision, passion and dreams. Since inception, AVIC Forestry has held on to its development strategies of “building up world-class overseas economic-trade cooperative zone”, and “forging a leading integrated forestry group”. With an international view, the company has attracted talents from home and afar and has made strenuous endeavors for its goals.

It’s a green stage for the implementation of social responsibility. Since inception, bearing the corporate philosophy of “Cooperation, excellence, nature and contribution”, AVIC Forestry has held high the banner of environmental protection and health promotion in its building of eco-business and infrastructure facility.

It’s a stage of broad perspective. We have every reason to believe that with the boost given by both Chinese and Russian Governments, under guidance of the company’s proper development strategies, as well as the support from all shareholders, AVIC Forestry will develop by leaps and bounds in the cooperation in forestry resource utilization, and become a leading and decisive force of the industry.
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