AVIC Forestry is reorganized from the former Yantai Northwest Forestry Co., Ltd. in July, 2011. The registered capital is 550 million RMB, which controlled by AVIC International Holding Corporation (60%) and other shares jointly held by Yantai Northwest Forestry (38%) and Yantai Development Zone Sales Center (2%).

AVIC Forestry has the operational capability of the whole forest industry value chain which combining forest resource exploitation, logging, processing, transportation, marketing, infrastructure construction and investment attraction. The Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone established in Tomsk, Russia by AVIC Forestry is the first and biggest development project under the framework of Sino-Russian utilization of forest resources. The Cooperation Zone is practically advanced under the framework of Sino-Russian General Planning of Cooperative Exploitation and Joint Utilization of Forest Resources, which signed on May 23, 2008 under the witness of Chinese then-president Hu Jintao and Russian then-president Medvedev. And meanwhile the cooperation zone is one of China’s key construction projects aimed at promoting overseas economic and trade cooperation.

The planning area of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone is 6.95 km2. Now the company owns the world’s most advanced machinery for logging, wood processing and transportation. The company has perfect infrastructure and service facilities. The annually planned capacity of harvesting and processing of the program is 4.5 million m3, to produce various types of saw timber, rotary cut veneer, high and medium density Fiberboard, particleboard, wooden fiber board, furniture, and pulp in accordance with international standard for both domestic and overseas markets. At the end of 2013, Henda-Siberia Co., Ltd (AVIC Forestry’s overseas-funding enterprise in Russia) obtained the FSC®-FM/COC (FSC-C119270) certificate and FSC®-COC (FSC-C119271) certificate. In January 2014, AVIC Forestry obtained the FSC®-COC (FSC-C119738) certificate. In 2014, AVIC Forestry obtained “the customs A class management enterprise qualification”.This indicates that the company reaches the international standards both in the part of forest management and the part of circulation of forest products. With years of development and accumulation, the company owns a high-quality team with both Chinese and international experts.

With the advantages and supports from governments of China and Russia, AVIC Forestry has broad development prospects and great future in the field of forestry industry. AVIC Forestry pursues the philosophy of Cooperation, Excellence, Nature, and Contribution to create common values for all parties involved in order to achieve harmonious developments for the company, employees, shareholders and the society.
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