Trade Cooperation

The exploitation and utilization of forestry resources by China and Russia is a cooperative program initiated by leaders of both countries and established under the regular meeting mechanism of the two countries’ premiers. For this program a working group has been set up for the exploitation and utilization of forestry resources which commenced work in 2002. After a long time of exploration and planning, AVIC Forestry was designated to implement the first phase program of Sino-Russian General Planning of Cooperative Exploitation and Joint Utilization of Forestry Resources, i.e., Exploitation and Joint Utilization of Forestry Resources of Tomsk, along with the construction of a national overseas economic and trade cooperation zone. The program plans to harvest 4.5 million m3 woods annually for the processing into plates, plywood and density board etc., in conformity with international standards to meet international and domestic demands while satisfying the needs of zone development and people’s life.

Sino-Russia Tomsk Forestry Economic and Trade Zone is located in Tomsk State of Russia. The park enjoys its convenient transportation and well equipped infrastructure, railway, highway, air and water transport are all available. Railway: The cooperation zone has its own dedicated rail line which connecting Asino park with Mariinsk park. The dedicated rail line of the zone can reach the Trans-Siberian Railway, and through the Trans-Siberian Railway the products can reach Manzhouli, Erenhot, Suifenhe and Alataw ports. Highway: Advanced highways cross the cooperation zone. The core area of cooperation zone is only 1 kilometer away from the interstate highway and 5 kilometers away from the downtown. What’s more, there are many city public traffic lines cross the park. Airway: The cooperation zone is only 100 kilometers away from Tomsk Airport and 360 kilometers away from Novosibirsk Airport, it is very convenient to travel among Beijing, Urumchi and Sanya,etc. Water transport: The Chulym River with plenty of water can deliver the logs to Asino Park directly which greatly reduced transportation costs. The combined heat and power generation in the cooperation zone can provide 24 MW power. Moreover, other facilities such as external water supply, communication facilities and sewage treatment provide a guarantee for the production of the enterprises in the park.

After recent years of development and construction, we have invested great funds in the improvement of the infrastructure and public security service system. The construction of living facilities such as office buildings, apartments, hotels and restaurants provide the basic conditions for the enterprises to settle in.

The program has been listed by both governments as a model program of Sion-Russian cooperation in the fields of resources, energy and trade. 
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